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Is spray foam insulation good for a home in Houston?

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Houston homes using spray foam insulation like Icynene can reduce heating and cooling costs

With an exploding real estate market, savvy Houston-based home buyers are doing more research into the features of the homes for sale including how good spray foam insulation is within a Houston home.  The Texas housing market is considered one of the hottest in the country and is getting hotter. In August 2013, Houston realtors had seen the housing prices rise consistently for 14 months in a row spurred on by the creation of new jobs in the region.  The boom doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As one of the best performing insulation materials available on the market, polyurethane spray foam insulation addresses the typical problems Houston homeowners may face. Spray foam insulation offers homeowners consistent performance throughout the searing summers and cold winters common across Texas. In fact, the air-sealing quality of spray foam insulation ensures that the conditioned air remains inside and does not escape the building envelope. The question mightn’t be “How good is spray foam insulation for Houston?” but rather “With all the benefits, when can I get spray foam insulation in my home?”

As mentioned earlier, polyurethane spray foam insulation addresses common problems that Houston homeowners using traditional insulation types face. For instance, thanks to its air-sealing qualities, spray foam insulation avoids turning attics into boiler rooms during summer by keeping the cooler air inside and stopping the air from escaping. This is particularly ideal if the HVAC equipment is situated inside the attic space, since the equipment won’t need to work overtime to cool the rest of the house because the attic space is a consistent temperature.

In fact, homeowners wondering how good spray foam insulation is for the Houston area will realize the financial return on investment immediately. Spray foam insulation can help reduce monthly heating and cooling expenses by up to 50%^ keeping money in the homeowner’s wallet. Icynene’s Houston network of licensed spray foam contractors are able to discuss with realtors, builders and homeowners within the region about the advantages of using polyurethane spray foam insulation and how it can eradicate common problems that traditional insulation types present.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

4 comments on "Is spray foam insulation good for a home in Houston?"

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    Im building a new home about an hour west of Houston. Ive heard that foam insulation while seals the house and keeps house very well also does not allow the house to breathe. I do not want mildew or be the cause of it through too tight of a house. Can you help me with the facts on this. Thanks my email is

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    Hi Stan - A “breathing” house is essentially one where air infiltration (exfiltration) is not being effectively controlled by the building enclosure. Whether intentionally or not, this is not optimum. Besides wasting space conditioning energy, this situation promotes the introduction of pollutants and can cause thermal comfort issues. The “tight” house that results from the installation of spray foam insulation should always be complemented by sufficient mechanical ventilation according to established standards ie. ASHRAE. The ventilation system and related humidity controls should be designed and installed by accredited HVAC professionals. We're happy to talk further,one-on-one with you about your new home. Give us a call on 1-800-758-7325.

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    My home is being built. How do I get this in my home? They are going to be putting in fiberglass. Am I even allowed to say I want spray foam? If I cant, are you able to install spray foam after the house is built?

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    Hi Rafeal - we suggest you speak to your builder/contractor as soon as possible about having spray foam insulation installed if this is what you prefer in your home. We also suggest finding your nearest licensed Icynene spray foam contractor by entering your zip code above in the "Find A Local Contractor" widget. They can work with you to have spray foam insulation installed before construction continues.


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