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Is spray foam insulation hazardous to health?

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FAQ - Is spray foam hazardous to health?

Health and safety matters! Icynene has been committed to the responsible use of spray foam chemistry for more than 25 years.  Since developing our first spray foam insulation product, Icynene has actively taken measures to ensure the health and safety of our contractors and homeowner clients.  Our excellent health and safety record extends from our manufacturing plant right through to property owners in more than 350,000 projects.

Our diligence in training our licensed dealers in proper spraying procedures as well as health and safety helps ensure the safety of your clients to enjoy Icynene spray foam insulation in their home for the life of the building.  Below is one of the frequently asked questions featured in our free FAQs booklet.


Should I be worried about potential exposure to any chemicals from Icynene spray foam insulation?

No, because testing shows that potential exposures are negligible within 24 hours after spraying is complete.

Icynene spray foam insulation has been extensively tested for off-gassing / chemical exposure over our long history. Third party laboratories have tested for the presence of VOC’s and found that emission levels are well within established guidelines and standards well within the 24 hour period immediately following the spraying of the foam. As specific examples, the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories in California and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada have repeatedly confirmed that the levels of any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) emitted during the spray process are well below generally accepted emission levels within the 24-hour period after spraying. These laboratories also confirmed that after 30 days, VOC emissions become so low that they are nearly undetectable with even sophisticated and sensitive laboratory equipment.

Furthermore, comprehensive real-life empirical testing and evaluation by third party research chemists and toxicologists of our refined low VOC formulations of Icynene Classic Max and Icynene ProSeal indicates that, when combined with a ventilation rate of 40 ACH, exposure risks are noticeably reduced and re-occupancy is possible after four hours. Read all about Icynene’s low VOC products and the new 4 hour re-occupancy allowances here.

In view of its long and extensive testing history, you can be confident in the safety of Icynene spray foam insulation and that spray foam insulation is not hazardous to health.


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