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Spray foam insulation problems and how to avoid them

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Avoid spray foam insulation problems by using a certified Icynene contractor

The popularity of spray foam insulation in the building industry has seen a surge in the number of spray foam products entering the marketplace. With so many new spray foam products and manufacturers available, the potential for spray foam insulation problems has increased.  Problems regarding spray foam insulation applications, poor installations and health and safety have become typical concerns expressed by homeowners.  Yet with some due diligence, spray foam insulation problems can be avoided from the outset allowing your clients take advantage of the immediate and long-term benefits of this modern insulation material..


Problem: Misrepresentation
With so many other brands available, it’s important to ensure that you are getting what you have specified and/or paid for. This type of diligence will help avoid any spray foam insulation problems in the future.  For instance, the name “Icynene” has become a synonym for the term “spray foam insulation” amongst builders, architects and homeowners since Icynene pioneered modern open-cell spray foam insulation in the mid-1980s. Problems like lack of adhesion and moisture management have occurred because an imitation product was falsely represented as an Icynene product.

Solution: Ensure that you work only with a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor. Each licensed Icynene contractor has completed extensive training and testing before being allowed to spray Icynene spray foam products. Unsure whether your spray foam contractor is a licensed Icynene contractor?  Find your nearest Icynene dealer here.


Problem: Lack of Adhesion/Poor Application
A poor spray foam application by an untrained or unlicensed contractor can lead to significant problems. Off-ratio spraying, fishy odors and lack of adhesion are often the result of a poor application by an untrained contractor.

Solution: Icynene’s equipment is designed to avoid “off ratio” spraying, and testing shows that “off ratio” Icynene spray foam does not present a safety concern.  Plus, for more than 20 years, Icynene has required Icynene dealers’ sprayers to undergo comprehensive, person-to-person training on the proper handling and application of Icynene products. Within the spray foam insulation industry, Icynene is highly regarded for its sprayer training program. Additionally, spray trainers from Icynene’s Technical Support team travel throughout North America to strengthen the knowledge and skill of our dealers’ sprayers. This training occurs with dealers’ actual equipment on actual spray jobs.


Get the answers to all your questions about spray foam insulation by downloading our FAQs booklet FREE! Understanding the facts about spray foam insulation and how Icynene addresses any spray foam insulation problems, you can be confident that you’re choosing the best spray foam insulation product on the market.

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