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Think spray foam insulation is more expensive? Think again.

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Think spray foam is unaffordable? Think again.

Builders across United States are being challenged by newer and more stringent building codes. Supplementing this is consumer demand for greener, more energy efficient homes. So how do builders respond to these demands effectively while maintaining within their budgetary restraints. Icynene is working to develop a series of high performance innovations that meet these demands while helping to evolve the residential construction category.

Through extensive research and innovation, Icynene has worked tirelessly to develop and refine both open cell and closed cell spray foam technology that surpasses expectations and helps prepare builders for future building requirements.

More Affordable Than You Think

Among builders there is a stigma that spray foam insulation is cost prohibitive. However, spray foam is more affordable than first thought. Icynene’s advanced insulation performance not only allows new homes to meet the building code requirements, but also deliver savings through cost offsets that builders can seize during the budget planning and construction of their homes. Icynene can work closely with builders to realize which offsets are applicable and how spray foam can be included into their builds.

Addressing Demand, Evolving the Category

The new 2015 Building Code requires homes to be tighter and more energy efficient.  Moreover, homeowners are researching, more than ever, what building materials are used in the construction of their homes. The awareness and understanding of spray foam insulation is growing dramatically and that is being translated into growth of the segment.  All areas are pointing towards continued significant growth of the spray foam segment in the insulation category.  

Over the past few years, the introduction by Icynene of high R-value, ultra-low VOC spray foam products such as Icynene Classic Max, which features an R-value of R3.7 per inch, and Icynene ProSeal, featuring an R-value of R7.1 per inch, have sought to address and prepare builders for the coming changes in building code requirements while adding value, comfort and energy efficient performance to the buildings in which they are used. Plus, both products have been certified GREENGUARD Gold.

As ultra-low VOC products, both Icynene Classic Max and Icynene ProSeal allow for shorter re-entry and re-occupancy times following active ventilation at 40ACH (air changes per hour) following installation.

These shorter re-entry and re-occupancy times allow builders to streamline schedules. Plus, they  have a significant impact on how innovative, energy efficient-driven builders build their homes and how they can differentiate themselves on the market among home buyers.

The revised allowances for these two low VOC products permit one hour re-entry for trades and two hour re-occupancy for homeowners. The revised re-entry and re-occupancy allowances follow months of extensive research, testing and third-party evaluation of the two low VOC spray foam products based on protocols and procedures developed by a task group of the American Chemistry Council – Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (ACC-CPI).

Shorter re-entry times allow builders in residential and commercial projects to continue construction with minimal impact on their schedules, while shorter re-occupancy times offer homeowners the opportunity to return to their homes the same day, within hours, of their spray foam installation.

As building codes and consumer demand continue to evolve, so too will Icynene’s portfolio of high performance spray foam insulation products, ensuring that builders are able to align themselves alongside the category leader.

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