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Top 20 Tips for Green Construction

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The Green Construction Board offers the top 20 tips on green construction

The Green Construction Board has released an engaging online piece, Act On [Green Construction], that offers the 20 best tips for building professionals to consider. The tips, in the key areas of Waste, Water, Carbon, Materials and Biodiversity, seek to encourage building professionals to think about how they use materials, consider resources and protect the surrounding environment.

One key area of the piece Icynene identified with was the Materials section which placed an emphasis on the importance doing thorough research on the materials that are available on the market and considering new, high-performance materials. Another area of interest was Waste and the importance of considering how to minimize it during a project. Icynene have been advocates for researching building materials and ensourages both building professionals and homeowners/business owners to understand the insulation materials being used in their building and how they perform, are installed and the guarantee.















Image courtesy of The Green Construction Board

The tips from The Green Construction Board provide a valuable insight and suggestions for architects, designers and builders who pursue green construction principles in their work. Read all 20 tips on The Green Construction Board website.

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