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Top tips to choosing the best foam insulation contractors

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While there are many types of spray foam insulation products available on the market, it’s important to ensure your project uses quality products installed by industry professionals who are trained in the correct application of this highly technical product. Spray foam insulation contractors should be able to answer any of your questions about which product is right for your project. Below are some tips to consider when hiring the right foam insulation contractors for the job.

Find the best spray foam insulation contractors.

Ensure they are backed by the manufacturer
A common misconception is that spray foam insulation is an easy DIY product, yet this highly technical product should always be applied by a licensed professional. Icynene spay foam insulation contractors are extensively trained and supported by the Icynene team who provide each contractor on spraying best practices, installations in unusual situations, code requirements and other technical support.

Do they complete comprehensive training?
Ask whether your insulation contractors are licensed by the manufacturer. Icynene insulation contractors must go through a comprehensive training and pass a practical test before becoming a licensed Icynene insulation contractor. With this kind of accreditation, you can remain confident that your project is in the best hands.

Get the right product the first time
Protect yourself, your reputation as well as your building from off-brand spray foam issues by ensuring you are working with a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor. Find your nearest Icynene licensed contractor by using our convenient locator.

Don’t be afraid to ensure that you are dealing with contractors who know their business. With these tips and our contractor locator, you can be confident in your choice in spray foam insulation.

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