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Top up your continuing education credits before the year-end

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Year-end is fast approaching. If you need to get your last few continuing education credits for 2014 before the year is out, then consider discovering the advantages of using open-cell spray foam insulation in your next commercial design.

Icynene's newest AIA-approved course provides you with an insight into how you can effectively incorporate open-cell spray foam insulation into commercial designs.   Open-cell spray foam insulation is a logical and proven choice for commercial buildings as it can reduce upfront costs by taking advantage of higher yield and also can reduce energy related operating costs for buildings. Over the course of this presentation, you will learn about open cell insulation’s air barrier and vapor permeability, fire ratings and code compliance, ability to enhance a building’s longevity, and environmental and green building contributions, as well as all health and safety directions, recommendations and best practices.

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