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Understanding the basics that make up spray foam

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What is spray foam insulation infographic

As a modern insulation solution, spray foam insulation is a high-performance alternative to other insulation types. Spray foam insulation provides both thermal insulating value as well as an air barrier.  Some common questions from clients new to the product can include: What components make up this high-performance material?  What are the common uses for spray foam insulation?

For those curious in understanding the science of spray foam insulation, the Spray Foam Coalition has developed a highly visual and simple infographic detailing how the two components of spray foam insulation come together to create the foam itself. This infographic helps anyone new to the industry or unware of spray foam insulation understand the material, how it works and how it is made to provide both insulating value and an air barrier.

Infographic reposted from The American Chemistry Council's Why Spray Foam? website.

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