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USGBC extends LEED registration date to 2016

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USGBC extends LEEDv4 date

Construction projects seeking LEED certification under the current LEED 2009 will have until October 31st, 2016 as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) extends the date when projects must use the new LEED v4. It is the third extension by the USGBC as they continue to work on LEEDv4, specifically on the credits surrounding Materials and Resources.

The USGBC announced at this year’s Greenbuild conference that it was forming a new Supply Chain Optimization Working Group that aims to perfect the LEED v4 Materials and Resources credits as part of the USGBC and American Chemistry Council joint initiative.

A statement released by the USGBC reads: “In light of this 18-month extension (through October 2016), it is now necessary that developers and builders of projects planned to break ground through 2016 evaluate if that building is better registered under LEED 2009 or v4? And beginning immediately, green building industry contract documents must be notified to anticipate v4, and a rewritten and new series of Materials and Resources credits.”

Building Genius blog will keep you updated as news and information surrounding LEEDv4 and its implementation comes.

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