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What are the industry's current ignition barrier requirements?

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When specifying spray foam insulation, inclusion of additional materials may be necessary to meet code standards. Building codes are constantly changing leaving some wondering what impact new requirements may have on spray foam insulation. Knowledgeable and expert spray foam contractors will complete due diligence to ensure that the product being used meets local code requirements.

An ignition barrier is intended to provide fire protection in attics and crawlspaces where entry is limited to maintenance and service of utilities. An ignition barrier can be a fire protective coating designed to inhibit or prevent the start and spread of fire from a spark or direct heat on the spray foam surface. Each Icynene product has been tested and formulated to meet code requirements pertaining to fire safety.

For each Icynene spray foam product the current amount of ignition barrier coating needed to meet requirements are outlined in their individual evaluation reports. The amount of ignition barrier coating needed on Icynene products are among the lowest in the industry – a testament to their fire safety. Our Building Science team is always available to help answer any specific questions you have pertaining to your unique project and your region - you can contact them here.

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    I would like to use the MD-C 200 product along the interior of the exterior wall, along the beam line. This product would be exposed within the "attic" of a rated floor ceiling assembly. Does this product needs a coating for fire resistance (1 hour assembly)?

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    Hi John - If you could email the drawing details of this rated floor ceiling assembly to our Customer Service team (customerservice@icynene.com) with attention to John Broniek - Senior Engineer, we'll be able to help you out with your query particular to this project. Thanks!

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    I am building an accessory building. I am required to use fire rated materials on two exterior walls because of its proximity to other properties. I also want to use spray foam insulation, preferably closed cell, on those two walls, which will be 2x6. Can I use this product to satisfy the fire rating?

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    Hi Tom - Yes spray foam insulation, either closed or open cell, can be used on fire rated (exterior) walls. Please refer to the Evaluation Service Report (ESR) for each product for specific details on the construction of such walls. Contact Icynene Engineering if the fire rated wall you are planning is significantly different from those noted in the ESR.


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