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What to do if your home has a ‘fishy’ smell after installing spray foam?

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What to do if your home has a ‘fishy’ smell after installing spray foam?

If you’re considering spray foam insulation in your home or office space but are concerned about fishy smells or odors, be sure to speak to a licensed spray foam contractor. Poorly trained contractors or inexperienced contractors can have an impact on the quality of the spray foam and how it is applied.

Icynene’s diligence in training our licensed dealers in proper spraying procedures, ratios as well as health and safety helps ensure the safety of your clients to enjoy Icynene spray foam insulation in their home for the life of the building.  Below is one of the frequently asked questions featured in our free FAQs booklet.

Will I detect any new odors in my home after installation is complete?

Not likely, but some occupants do notice a new odor after spraying is complete. This can happen in two ways:

  1. A small percentage of people can smell very low (but safe) concentrations of chemicals called amine catalysts, which are used in all spray foams. So any odor detected by especially-sensitive people is safe from a health standpoint. Even for these few especially-sensitive people, this smell usually disappears within a few days of application.
  2. Installation of spray foam insulation creates a “tighter”, less “leaky”, house; that is precisely the reason it increases home energy efficiency. Unless properly ventilated, a tighter house can sometimes trap odors that, prior to spraying, used to be released through wall cracks and other air leaks in the home along with heated or cooled air. This is not usually a problem when a home is properly ventilated. Your Icynene dealer can advise you on whether your home is adequately ventilated and whether you need to improve your home’s ventilation system.

If you do notice new odors that have not disappeared after around 30 days, contact your Icynene dealer for help in solving the situation.


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