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What is driving the demand for spray foam insulation?

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Icynene spray foam applications in Canada

Stringent building codes and market demand are leading more building professionals across North America to specify high performance, energy efficient building materials into their designs. From requests for the latest energy efficient gadgetry to asking where to buy spray foam insulation, savvy clients are pushing architects and builders to find ways to incorporate their demands into the end design.

A recent interview conducted by BC Business had Icynene’s Canadian Sales Director, Bruce Young, speak about why the demand for energy efficient insulation for a home or a commercial building has rapidly increased.  Bruce also presents the case why more building professionals are asking for Icynene spray foam insulation over other alternatives on the market.  Watch the short interview below and discover how Icynene spray foam insulation can work for your next design.

Are your client’s asking where to buy spray foam insulation? Only licensed Icynene spray foam contractors can apply this high-performance insulation material. You can help your clients find their nearest Icynene contractor by clicking here.

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