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Why choose spray foam insulation for a continuous insulation application?

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Commercial Buildings featuring continuous insulation on the exterior

Modern commercial construction often seeks to optimize energy efficiency and performance of the building itself through the use of modern building materials. Arguably, one area of commercial construction that can be overlooked in trying to seek ways to optimize a building’s performance is the insulation – specifically, the use of rigid foam board on the exterior. 

In recent times, forward thinking architectural firms have been specifying closed cell spray foam insulation, such as Icynene ProSeal or Icynene ProSeal Eco, in a continuous insulation application over the traditional rigid board option. Such is the case for the newly constructed Prescott High School in Wisconsin.

Architects are discovering that spray foam insulation in a continuous insulation application is a faster, more cost effective and superior solution that allows them to push the envelope in design and creativity.

As shown in the infographic below, there are several benefits and reasons why closed cell spray foam insulation is becoming the preferred option in these applications. Advantages include:

  • Spray foam insulation has a lower installed cost per square foot
  • Spray foam insulation is a four-in-one solution: Insulation, Air Barrier, Water Resistive Barrier and Vapor Barrier
  • Spray foam insulation offers a simple installation process and can be installed without excessive labor
  • Less material is used and wasted
  • It can be applied all year round without scheduling delays – even throughout cold winters

Discover for yourself why Icynene spray foam insulation is a superior choice in a continuous insulation application.

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