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Why home improvements offer homeowners real savings

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Home improvements and tax credits can offer homeowners real energy savings

RESNET has developed a new infographic to show how government tax incentives and credits really do lead to monetary savings for homeowners whenever they consider a home improvement project. Energy saving home improvements really do lead to real savings when they are combined with available tax credits. For instance, the infographic talks about how an insulation tax credit offers a 10% credit on the product but leads to a reduction in bills between 10-50%. Likewise for electric heat pumps which can save 40% on utility bills with a tax credit of 10% on installation.

The infographic from RESNET is an excellent resource for any residential architect or residential builder working with homeowners on renovation or retrofit projects and want to include green, energy efficient products like spray foam insulation or solar panel hot waters systems.

Take a look at the RESNET infographic here.

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