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Why you should use a licensed spray foam installer

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Why you should use a licensed spray foam installer

Health and safety matters. As a homeowner, you expect that your spray foam contractor has thorough knowledge of the products that they are using and how, or where, to best to use it.

When choosing a spray foam insulation contractor, there are several important factors to note before making your decision in order to avoid an insulation nightmare. These factors for homeowner’s considerations when thinking about spray foam insulation include:

  1. Choosing the right product – researching what is available on the market
  2. Understanding manufacturer support – is your contractor backed by the manufacturer?
  3. Proper installation – does your contractor understand the specifications of the job?
  4. Training - has your contractor been thoroughly trained?
  5. Know the product – does your contractor understand the product they are using?
  6. Choosing the team – understand what experience, training and knowledge your contractor has
  7. Plan Ahead – understand what is expected of you as the homeowner in terms of health and safety
  8. Preparation – is the area prepared for the installation?
  9. Use resources – industry resources can help provide answers to your queries
  10. Know the process – from start to finish, understand the whole installation process

Icynene has developed an eBook that provides tips, recommendations as well as answers commonly asked questions to ensure you are confident that your spray foam installation goes as smoothly as you expect. You can access the free eBook by clicking the link below.

Avoid a spray foam nightmare - Download the free eBook.

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