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Working with the most qualified spray foam contractor

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Work with a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor

Last week we spoke about the discussion surrounding the proper application of spray foam insulation. Continuing that discussion, Building Genius looks at what to look for when seeking a qualified spray foam contractor.

Knowing how to deliver a quality product
Homeowners have an expectation that their contractor has knowledge about the product/s that they are using and how or where best to use. Homeowners just expect that a product just works. And it should. Spray foam should perform as optimally as prescribed. A comprehensive training program complemented by a proactive support network is critical for any spray foam insulation manufacturer who wants to be taken seriously.

Backed by a team of technical, engineering and building science experts, each licensed Icynene spray foam contractor completes a thorough training schedule which identifies spraying best practices, how to approach unusual installation situations and code requirements amongst other topics.  It is only once they have successfully completed this training and passed subsequent examination, that can they be identified as an Icynene spray foam contractor. Without this endorsement, they are not a licensed Icynene contractor.

Backed by an Industry Standard
For more than 25 years, Icynene has met the Canadian building code standards CAN/ULC S705.1 and S705.2 to ensure that each of its Canadian-based spray foam contractors deliver a quality product every time. The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) in the US is rolling out an industry standard training program that allows prospective spray foam contractors to formally become verse in the proper installation techniques and requirements. This kind of formal accreditation by the industry body will accompany our own formal training program to arm each Icynene spray foam contractor with the knowledge and expertise they need to perform their job right each time.

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