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Lack of Proper Insulation Causes Problems

In bonus rooms over garages or floors where the space below is unconditioned, the area can be uncomfortable in some cases by up to 10°F due to the lack of proper insulation. Without proper insulation, common problems in these spaces can include:

  • cold and uncomfortable floors
  • unwanted noises coming from equipment in the basement such as HVAC or washing machines
  • buckling hardwood floors due to lack of moisture control
  • conditioned air moving through un-insulated ducts or other unconditioned spaces causing discomfort
  • frozen pipes which could burst

Improved Energy Efficiency

It’s not difficult to insulate these spaces and by considering an energy efficient insulation like spray foam, you can achieve improved efficiency and:

  • even floor temperatures for improved comfort
  • quieter spaces to work or rest
  • minimized possibility of buckled hardwood floors
  • seamless insulation and air-sealing free from warping
  • healthier indoor air environment