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MD-C-200 Spray Foam Insulation

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Closed-cell spray foam for residential insulation applications Icynene MD-C-200 closed-cell spray foam insulation allows builders to push the limits of design while meeting or exceeding local building code requirements. A robust, two-pound closed-cell spray foam insulation, Icynene MD-C-200 is ideal for residential insulation applications and is ABAA approved. Closed-cell spray foam insulation meets the criteria set by FEMA for resisting bulk water, making it ideal for use in zones prone to flooding and hurricanes.

Key product features

  • Aged thermal resistance: 6.6 per inch
  • Construction types: I - V
  • Core Density: 2.2lb.
  • Evaluated and listed by ABAA as an air barrier material
  • Class II vapor retarder at 1.5” thickness
  • Meets FEMA criteria for resisting water absorption
  • Compliant to California Department of Public Health EHLB v1.1-2010 Emissions Specification Section 01350