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An essential criterion for school districts who are building new schools is energy efficiency. Often limited by ever-shrinking budgets together with an increasing demand by their school community, these clients are faced with having to create a positive and modern learning environment for their students.

School districts, although often limited by budget, seek the best in class when it comes to their school buildings so that both teaching staff and their students are given the best opportunity to teach and learn.  A comfortable and positive environment can contribute to students excelling in their learning and their teachers enjoying their workplace.

The complexity of a commercial building designs often mean that architects need to consider the best materials and products available on the market to ensure their design remains energy efficient and maintains optimal performance over the long term. Insulation specifications for commercial buildings can assist architectural firms determine which insulation type is the best commercial insulation for their project.

According to Energy Star, it is estimated that commercial buildings account for around 18% of the nation’s energy use and nearly 18% of greenhouse gas emissions.