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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are complex hubs with an array of various activities occurring at any one time. Paramount to medical staff is the optimal care for their patients. The modern technologies and procedures found within a hospital or healthcare warrant equally modern surroundings. Architects with hospital projects can look to spray foam insulation as one of the best options that can provide long-term benefits to hospital patients and staff.

Icynene is committed to the health and safety of your clients and our contractor network. For more than 25 years, Icynene has actively taken steps to ensure the responsible use of spray foam chemistry. Our excellent health and safety record extends from our manufacturing plant righ through to property owners.

The dated design and construction of an older university or college building can excessively consume energy leading to higher than normal heating and cooling costs. Essential for these institutions nowadays is energy efficiency. Yet with restricted budgets, some universities need to be smarter about how they can create positive and effective centers for learning.

The complex and intricate designs of a university or college empower architectural firms (and often the establishment’s architectural students) to find innovative and smart ways to create an energy efficient design that performs.