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3 things pet owners should consider this Fall [VIDEO]

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Do you want your pets to feel just as comfortable as you and your family when at home this Fall? Check these three things off your home improvement list to help make pets more comfortable.

Long Island Online suggests starting with reviewing your current insulation quality. In the winter, pets get a whole new coat, and so should your house if it's not properly optimized for the change of weather. Select a high performance thermal and air barrier material.

Next, protect against nesting pests. That means reinforcing insulation and creating an air seal barrier that deters pests from nesting in your home.

Finally, talk to an Icynene insulation specialist about how waterproof your home is. Before snow falls, you need to consider how to eliminate the potential of water and ice damage, so both you and your pet can enjoy your home all year round. With rigid, medium-density Icynene spray foam, you can protect your home from bulk water penetration. This is particularly ideal for homes featuring subterranean basements.

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