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3 ways to improve insulation before autumn [VIDEO]

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Is your home ready for fall weather yet? If you're not sure, take a look at these three ways to enhance your house and protect your family.

According to The Seattle Times, the first thing to consider is your roof and chimney. If you've got a fireplace or just a regular roof, check for gaps or drafts.

Next, look around in the attic for mold. That might require the third step, which is contacting an Icynene certified spry foam insulation contractor who can do a thorough inspection for potential insulation issues as well as provide recommendations as to how you can use spray foam insulation effectively throughout your home.

By checking for these problems now, you can save yourself plenty of financial problems - and unnecessary stress - in the future. Plus, you can keep your family comfortable and protected through autumn as well as into winter.

Enjoy the fall foliage more comfortably by taking these three steps with Icynene spray foam! We’ll see you next time for more tips.