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Check your home’s foundation this fall [VIDEO]

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Fall weather can mean plenty of storms, wet weather and cold temperatures, a perfect situation to cause havoc with your basement or foundation if not properly protected. Improve your home from the ground up with Icynene spray foam insulation before the fall weather causes you any headaches.

First, you want to eliminate the ability for water to get into your home through any means possible, whether it is cracks in the foundation, or window or door shafts. Unhooking garden hoses and checking basement windows for leaks should be on your fall maintenance to-do list already, but running a thorough check will ensure moisture stays out of the basement and will help prevent any risk of bursting pipes or foundational damage.

Second, adding Icynene spray foam insulation will air-seal gaps and seams to keep moisture and cool air out while also making the structure more durable. Contact an Icynene professional today who can help you find the right solution and prepare your home for stormy Fall weather.

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