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Combat summer allergies with spray foam insulation [VIDEO]

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While many people rejoice when warm weather rolls around, if you have allergies you may view summer as the enemy. However, you don't have to. There are many ways that you can combat summer allergies, and in our next few videos we'll be exploring them.

In the summer, do you ever find that your allergies seem to be acting up even if you're indoors? That's because pollen and other allergens can fit through the small gaps and cracks you may have throughout your home. Installing Icynene spray foam insulation to fill these gaps and cracks can help keep these allergens from being able to infiltrate your home, letting you live more comfortably in your own home

The best part is that's not the only way that spray foam insulation can help you out this summer, it can also keep hot air out and cool, conditioned air in - keeping you comfortable and your cooling costs low all summer long. 

Thanks for watching, check back soon for more tips from Icynene.