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How to schedule your own home energy audit [VIDEO]

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Your home is inefficient and less comfortable when it has a weak thermal envelope. That's why it pays off for homeowners to learn just how effective their house is at controlling heat flow with an energy audit. This bit of extra research makes it easy to determine if a home is in need of more insulation.

There are a few ways to go about auditing the efficiency of your home. A professional can test indoor airflow with a blower test to find your home's for drafts or examine the home with Infrared scanners to find temperature abnormalities. Both issues can be fixed with the help of air-tight spray foam insulation from Icynene.

The quickest way to fix your home's thermal envelope after an energy audit is to seal up drafts and leaks. Visit this resource for more information on why spray foam from Icynene is an ideal solution for holes and cracks.

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