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My power bills are so low that I shock my neighbors.

I spent about 7 thousand dollars insulating my 4000 sq foot beach house 14 years ago. In addition to putting the icynene under the roof deck I had it sprayed underneath the wood stairs and between the 2nd and 3rd floors to give sound insulation. My power bills are so low that I shock my neighbors. Neighbors here with same size house have bills of 400-600 per month for the hot months (about 7 months of the year). My power bills are 110 to 280 per month in the hot months. I have saved far more than I put in, and some of the icynene I put in I just put in for sound- and that worked great too. Running up and down the stairs was a horror when the stairs were put in, and the third floor (wood) was very loud- so before the house was finished I had them spray the icynene there too, so that drove up the total cost of the icynene to about 7thousand. I estimate that over the last 14 years it has paid for itself several times over. It is an excellent product. I was lucky to know someone in the building industry when I built my house who told me about it because I dont think that many people knew about it then.
Liz K - Nov 17, 2014

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