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What are the advantages of using Icynene?

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For builders, Icynene spray foam insulation can reduce construction time by simplifying the insulation process and minimizing the number of callbacks due to building envelope failure as a result of air borne moisture entrapment and buildup within the cavities. Blower door tests have shown that houses insulated with Icynene and without polyethylene vapor barrier, measure 1.2 ACH @50 Pa. de-pressurization. This is well under the 1.5 ACH @ 50 Pa rating set out for some of the most stringent energy efficient home building programs such as R-2000 in Canada & Building America in US. With Icynene spray foam insulation, heating and cooling costs are typically reduced by up to 50% and smaller, less expensive heating and cooling equipment can be used because of the reduced heating and cooling loads.

For homeowners, Icynene spray foam insulation offers the opportunity of lower heating and  cooling costs from reduced air infiltration and a more comfortable home, draft free without cold spots.  Furthermore, Icynene's continuous air barrier capability will significantly reduce unwanted airborne noise from the outside resulting in a quieter interior living space. Proper mechanical ventilation must be provided to Icynene® insulated houses and when merged with an air to air heat exchanger like HRV or ERV, superior air quality can be achieved for a healthier indoor environment.