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Is your home's insulation ready for summer? [VIDEO]

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Summer has arrived, and soon you'll want to crank up your air conditioner to stay comfortable.

But before you reach for the thermostat you may want to consider having Icynene spray foam insulation installed into your home to make sure it is properly insulated for the season. If not, you may end up spending more to keep your house cool. 

If it's been a while since you've thought about your insulation, there could be many small gaps and leaks throughout your walls and attic roof that are letting warm air in and cool air out. This can increase your monthly cooling bills and leave you fighting off the summer heat. 

Icynene spray foam can be used to seal up all those small gaps, so you won't lose any of the cold air you're paying for. You'd be surprised how much of a difference proper insulation can make both on your home and your wallet. 

Contact a licensed Icynene insulation specialist today by visiting to find out more. 

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