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A Healthy Insulation Choice

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LOW VOC SPRAY FOAM INSULATION BY ICYNENE NEW! Only Icynene low VOC spray foam insulation lets you and your family enjoy the comfort of your newly insulated home in 4 hours after installation!  No need to seek alternate accommodation and be away from home for 24 hours like other spray foam products available on the market. Get back into your home fast and start enjoying the performance advantages of Icynene low VOC spray foam without delay!

Indoor Air Quality affects all of us. With traditional insulation, airborne allergens and pollutants can infiltrate your home leading to allergies, asthma, respiratory issues and even mold, which could be toxic.

Did you know that:

  • Americans spend 90% of their time indoors
  • 15% of homeowners are allergic to their homes
  • 40% of kids will develop respiratory issues
  • More than 20 million Americans suffer from asthma

An insulation and air barrier system can help keep allergens and pollutants such as dust, radon, carbon monoxide, pollen, mold and moisture out of your home. You can also seal living spaces from garages, combustion furnaces and water heaters to reduce the likelihood of breathing air from these spaces.

By air sealing and eliminating air leakage with spray foam insulation, like ICYNENE, you can minimize infiltration of outdoor allergens and pollutants and help improve indoor air quality in your home. Also, dangers associated with certain insulation types, like long-term VOC emissions, were not observed in Icynene, according to extensive testing.

For more information on Indoor Air Quality facts and statistics visit the Environmental Protection Agency


Airborne Moisture and Mold

Most moisture that enters your home is airborne and can:

  • condense on surfaces within your home
  • contribute to mold growth, and
  • aggravate allergies

Traditional insulations can absorb and retain water and provide a food source for mold encouraging mold growth. An insulation and air barrier system, like Icynene:

  • contributes to moisture management
  • is not a food source for mold or insects
  • minimize flow of airborne moisture to prevent mold growth
  • helps to improve indoor air quality

Re-occupancy is permitted after 4 hours provided that the rate of air exchange during spraying and for 4 hours thereafter equals or exceeds 40 Air Changes per Hour (ACH). Only for installations of Icynene Classic Max and Icynene ProSeal in the USA.