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Tue., Feb. 12, 2013

Icynene spray foam insulation products are proven to work well in a variety of climates and scenarios. In fact, the materials have been used to help prevent air leakage in a metal building.

Fri., Feb. 08, 2013

In Manitoba, Canada, a homeowner wanted to maintain comfortable temperatures in his house without having to worry about higher-than-average heating and cooling bills. The property owner sought support from licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractors, and these professionals helped the homeowner meet his goals.

Thu., Feb. 07, 2013

Business operators regularly search for ways to limit their operating expenses, especially in today's uncertain economic climate. With Icynene spray foam insulation, commercial building owners can noticeably reduce their monthly heating and cooling bills by reaching out to licensed Icynene professionals.

Wed., Feb. 06, 2013

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, a group of building professionals sought solutions to improve the quality of an old, rundown two-story home. Thankfully, Icynene spray foam insulation was available, and the team used the quality home insulation to significantly enhance the property.

Categories: Commercial, Insulation
Wed., Feb. 06, 2013

IcyPol, a Polish distributor of Icynene spray foam insulation, was recently awarded the Product of the Year for Construction 2013 award for the unique and unusual properties of Icynene’s commercially available insulation material.

Categories: Homeowner, Insulation
Wed., Feb. 06, 2013

Mississauga, ON. 6 February 2013. Spray foam insulation product, Icynene Classic Max™ from leading manufacturer, Icynene, has been recognized as a Hot 50 Product by Ohio-based publisher Green Builder Media. The recognition by the Green Builder Media editorial team identifies Icynene Classic Max™ as a product with a significant impact on sustainable construction. 

The annual Hot 50 Products list is a collection of advanced products that meet a range of eco-criteria including sustainability, eco-friendliness and durability. 

Categories: Insulation, Residential