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Tue., Nov. 28, 2017
 What Is A Board Foot, When It Comes To Spray Foam Insulation?

There are plenty of technical terms involved in home ownership that can leave you scratching your head, particularly when you haven’t heard them before. Even an experienced home owner may be faced with terms they’re unfamiliar with, when their home undergoes any kind of renovation.

Tue., Nov. 21, 2017
Why You Shouldn’t Google How to Install Insulation in Attics

There are plenty of homeowners out there who assume that, if you can find the instructions online to do-it-yourself, you really should just do it yourself. When it comes to insulation, however, it’s not that simple. Doing an online search of how to install insulation in attics will offer you many options, but the safest and the most effective method to insulating your home is to consider hiring a licensed spray foam insulation contractor like those who are licensed by Icynene.

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Mon., Oct. 02, 2017

When looking at the best insulation for your home, many factors should be considered to help make the best possible choice.  Sourcing an insulation that is reliable and efficient would be the ideal candidate for your home.

Wed., Sep. 27, 2017

Deciding what the best type of insulation for your home is can be a difficult decision. With the many different products and application processes, it can make the choice that much harder. There are systems such as blankets/ batts, loose fill, reflective, and spray foam which all have advantages, depending on where they are used. This can make the decision to use one over the other that much more challenging. What if one of these insulation systems outperformed the others? What if there was a product that did more than just insulate?

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Wed., Sep. 20, 2017

Icynene to expand spray foam insulation offering across Europe through acquisition of France’s leading polyurethane insulation distributor, ISOLAT France

Mon., Sep. 18, 2017

You may not know but insulation is measured in "board feet". What is a board foot, you may ask?  What happened to square feet? Not to worry! Here, we show why board feet are used when talking about spray foam insulation. A board foot is a volume measurement and has a total volume of 144 inches cubed or total measurements of 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch (generic form).  

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