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Wed., Sep. 20, 2017

Icynene to expand spray foam insulation offering across Europe through acquisition of France’s leading polyurethane insulation distributor, ISOLAT France

Mon., Sep. 18, 2017

You may not know but insulation is measured in "board feet". What is a board foot, you may ask?  What happened to square feet? Not to worry! Here, we show why board feet are used when talking about spray foam insulation. A board foot is a volume measurement and has a total volume of 144 inches cubed or total measurements of 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch (generic form).  

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Wed., Sep. 13, 2017

There are numerous advantages of spray foam insulation that you’ve likely heard about: energy efficiency, help in reducing drafts, but there are several lesser-known benefits that are sometimes overlooked.

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Wed., Sep. 13, 2017

Having a properly insulated home can contribute towards lower heating and cooling bills. But where are the best areas to insulate to achieve this goal? Without insulation in key areas of the home, conditioned air can escape continuously, costing you financially. It may sound obvious, but some of the best places to insulate in your home are the roof, walls, windows/doors, drafty areas, and the floors. Why are these areas the best places to insulate in your home? The answer is simple. Almost all of the air lost from your home comes from those problem areas.

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Tue., Sep. 12, 2017

Hurricane season is in full swing, and families in Texas and Florida have already been hit by mammoth hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Spray foam insulation has long been known, by those within the industry, for its ability to help limit moisture-laden air from passing into buildings where it is installed, but the moisture in the air when a hurricane is pounding at the windows is a completely different story. This doesn’t even take into account the huge potential for flooding that may occur.

Mon., Sep. 11, 2017

Have you ever looked at a home renovation project and thought to yourself, “I could hire a local contractor under the table to do that, and save thousands of dollars?” Sometimes a project can appear far simpler and more straightforward than it really is, and a homeowner looking to save money gives their reno to a contractor who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. What seems like something easy can quickly become a problem too big to handle, and that’s when the trouble starts. Spray foam applicators are the perfect example.