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Thu., Aug. 31, 2017

Unless you’re a budding DIY-er, as a homeowner, you aren’t necessarily expected to know how to install insulation in your attic. Experienced and professional insulation contractors have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the installation process of attic insulation.  If you want to be confident in ensuring the job is done properly and accurately, then an Icynene licensed contractor is the best choice for installing insulation in your attic.

Tue., Aug. 29, 2017

As the summer season winds down, many cottage owners are trying to schedule in last minute repairs or renovations, before closing for the season. Contractors can be less busy toward the end of the summer, and trips to the cottage are less frequent in the fall. If you’ve been considering upgrading your older cottage’s current energy efficiency, you may be wondering what the best insulation choice would be.

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Mon., Aug. 28, 2017
Is There One Best Spray Foam Insulation?

Whether you’re researching spray foam insulation for the first time for a potential project, or trying to get more up-to-date information about it for a renovation, it can be difficult to determine whether there really is one best spray foam insulation product out there. You will likely get a different answer from every source you pose this question to.

Here are several things to consider, when searching for the best spray foam insulation:

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Wed., Aug. 23, 2017

As a homeowner who is considering a large-scale renovation, you may have wondered what the real price tag of green building is. Home designers and contractors are pushing green, but more often than not the cost of these home construction and design items is higher than what you may be used to.

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Tue., Aug. 22, 2017
Energy Efficient Upgrades For Your Home

If there’s one buzzword on everyone’s lips these days, no matter what industry you’re in, it’s “green.” Sometimes, it can refer to the ingredients in a cleaning product, but other times, like in the term “green building,” it can actually refer to a more energy efficient home.

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Mon., Aug. 21, 2017

When talking about the insulation in your home, you may hear the term “R-value”. Knowing what R-value is or the R-value needed for your home can be confusing. But as a homeowner you are not expected to be an R-value expert.  An insulation professional can help you separate the fact from fiction and make sense of what is required for your home. Professional insulation contractors are the R-value experts and can help illustrate the value of R-value for your home.