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Wed., Aug. 09, 2017
How to Insulate a Crawl Space Effectively

The issue of how to insulate a crawl space effectively is one that has plagued homeowners and contractors for as long as there have been crawl spaces. It’s a completely different set of problems that faces a home with a crawl space, as opposed to a basement, and not everyone understands those problems, or why they exist. Let’s try to break that down.

What is a crawl space?

Tue., Aug. 08, 2017
Deciding on the Best Place to Insulate Your Home

If you needed to decide on the best place to insulate your home, where would you choose? Sometimes budget can be an issue, and it’s better to improve some parts of your home rather than allowing your home to suffer from poor performance and energy loss for any longer.

Mon., Aug. 07, 2017

Knowing what a board foot is and how it applies to installing insulation could be confusing. You may not know that the measurement of spray foam insulation does not come in feet, meters, or even square feet, but rather in board feet. Board feet are calculated from the square footage of the cavities in the area you want to insulate (for example, a wall). The typical dimensions of a board foot are 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch.

Wed., Jul. 26, 2017

With so many choices in the field of insulation, it can be truly frustrating to try to find the answers to your questions. In this series of articles, we  compare spray foam insulation to mineral wool, cellulose, foam board, and other types of insulation, to help  homeowners  get the information they need to make a decision on what is right for their home.

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Tue., Jul. 25, 2017

In this informative series of articles, various types of insulation have been compared to spray foam insulation, to give you the most informed opinion possible before making any home insulation decisions. This article will compare spray foam insulation to cellulose fiber insulation, to explore the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

Cellulose Insulation

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Fri., Jul. 14, 2017
 Can You Compare Spray Foam Insulation to Foam Board?

When you’re trying to decide between the many different insulation types available, you may happen upon foam board insulation and decide you have it made. It is, after all, a great insulation product that can help create an air seal, when installed properly. If you compare spray foam insulation to foam board insulation, however, the choice becomes a clear one.

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