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Sat., Aug. 19, 2017

If there’s one phrase you hear mentioned a lot while you’re looking at what insulation to purchase for your home, it’s R-value. But what is R-value? Do you actually know? If you’ve been unsure until now, read on.

What does the “R” stand for, anyway?

Fri., Aug. 18, 2017

Sometimes, a full-scale renovation on your older home just isn’t in the cards, financially. The costs can take on an unexpected life of their own; escalating far beyond your original budget, and at that point, you may need to scale back on your initial plans. With that in mind, is there one area of your home you should be focusing on, and if so, is that the best place to insulate your home? Let’s take a moment to examine some scenarios that will help you make the best decision for your home and your budget.

Flood-prone regions

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Thu., Aug. 17, 2017

The stresses of a major DIY project can add up quickly. Take the stress out of your insulation project by choosing to work with a trusted spray foam applicator. When embarking on a home renovation project, who to hire becomes an important question to ask yourself.  Stresses can start to add up when trying to find the best spray foam applicator for your project if you are unsure how to find the best spray foam applicator from the start.

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Fri., Aug. 11, 2017
Can You Compare Spray Foam Insulation to Cement?

In the final article of this insulation series, it is time to compare spray foam insulation to cement. Cement is sometimes used in insulated concrete block in commercial buildings. Unlike the other types of insulation mentioned in this comparison series of articles, cement is sometimes used as part of a building’s structure such as the foundation and walls. Cement insulation blocks, which are essentially concrete that has more air, or sometimes even small foam beads, mixed in, which adds to the R-value of the cement.

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Thu., Aug. 10, 2017

When you first start to do your research into insulation, spray foam insulation is a product that can leave you with more questions than answers. Are all spray foam insulation products equal? Which products perform better than others? What are VOCs? Do I have to worry about VOCs with the spray foam insulation I’ve chosen? In this article, you’ll learn what VOCs are and how to make sure select a low VOC insulation product.

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Wed., Aug. 09, 2017
How to Insulate a Crawl Space Effectively

The issue of how to insulate a crawl space effectively is one that has plagued homeowners and contractors for as long as there have been crawl spaces. It’s a completely different set of problems that faces a home with a crawl space, as opposed to a basement, and not everyone understands those problems, or why they exist. Let’s try to break that down.

What is a crawl space?