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Wed., Jun. 28, 2017

The insulation you choose for your home can be an overwhelming terrain to stumble through, particularly if you are unsure what is the best insulation for your home. Your friends and family may tell you one thing, while a contractor tells you another, and what you’ve seen recommended on home renovation programs on TV may contradict the others, leaving you with all kinds of questions. For instance, is spray in insulation the same as spray foam insulation?

Mon., Jun. 26, 2017
Should You DIY With Sprayed Foam?

Finding the best insulation for your home, when you know your home isn’t as energy efficient as it could be, can be time consuming and frustrating. It can be tempting just to take matters into your own hands, picking up a DIY sprayed foam kit from your local hardware store or favorite website, but you may want to think twice before installing foam insulation yourself. 

Here are 2 reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your sprayed foam insulation:

It might not  be less expensive, in the long term.

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Fri., Jun. 23, 2017
Expanding Foam Insulation Will Help To Keep You Cool and Dry This Summer

A wet spring has this year has morphed into a wet early summer. It’s left many wondering when they will see the sun again. The outlook for the rest of the summer isn’t set in stone, of course, but the potential for higher-than-average temperatures grows with each year. How can you prepare your home for a wet, hot summer? Expanding foam, also known as spray foam insulation like Icynene, can be beneficial dealing with both issues.

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Thu., Jun. 15, 2017
Is Your Cottage Poorly Insulated? Foam Insulation Could Help

Have you already opened your cottage for the summer? Opening up the cottage always comes with a long “To Do” list that grows with each  year. Often, cottages aren’t built to last as long as homes, because they are used only for a short time of the year.  However, that can start to change with insulated foam, also known as spray foam insulation, like Icynene.

Fri., Jun. 09, 2017
Want Your New Home Well-Insulated? Foam Insulation May Be the Answer

You may have heard that, when it comes to residential insulation, R-value is the most important factor to take into consideration. There’s no question that it plays a primary role in keeping your home warm in the colder months, but to keep your home well insulated, foam insulation like Icynene, can help take your home comfort to the next level.

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Thu., Jun. 08, 2017
4 Reasons a Licensed Contractor Should Install Foaming Insulation

Have you ever found yourself in the position of needing to choose lower quality products or services, because your budget just didn’t allow for it? Sometimes, it’s necessary to do, but there are times when you just shouldn’t compromise on quality. One of those times is when you have decided to install foaming insulation, like Icynene spray foam insulation, in your home.

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