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Insulating Basements & Crawlspaces

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With improved efficiency and moisture control, you can turn an unused basement into a functional living space.

Problems with Crawlspaces


Spray Foam in Crawlspaces

Bonus rooms, basements and crawlspaces needn’t be difficult to insulate. Well insulated, these spaces benefit from improved energy efficiency and moisture control, and avoid common problems that are typical with traditional insulation types including:

  • moisture build-up within floor (and floor insulation)
  • sweating ductwork
  • energy loss due to duct leaks or inefficient HVAC systems

Using spray foam insulation like Icynene within basements and crawlspaces can not only offer moisture control but also:

  • A conditioned area for ducts, air handlers and HVAC to offer improved efficiency
  • Total air-sealing filling in every gaps and crack
  • Increased durability of the building
  • Cleaner air being circulated throughout your home
  • Minimized infiltration of airborne moisture to prevent condensation