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Before embarking on a renovation project, understanding where to insulate and how to do so effectively is vital. Improperly insulated renovations and additions can potentially lead to higher-than-expected bills. The flexibility of spray foam insulation in renovation projects means it can be effectively used in unfinished spaces including:

  • attics
  • bonus rooms
  • basements
  • new walls
  • crawlspaces


Insulating in Finished Spaces

The flexibility of spray foam insulation in renovation projects means that it can also be used in finished spaces, although may require some additional work. Your local spray foam contractor will know where to insulate and how best to address your unique requirements.

You local spray foam contractor can advise you where to use spray foam within your renovation project to provide immediate and long-term benefits.

Within an existing cavity

A pourable foam insulation can be used to fill existing timber framed walls, masonry or brick walls.

Open a framed wall

Your building contractor can remove the board to allow the licensed spray foam contractor apply the spray foam

Apply over a finished wall

If you don’t mind losing some space, spray foam could be applied within new stud cavities on a finished wall with new drywall applied over the top.