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Spray Foam Insulation Product Advantages

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Icynene makes two types of spray foam insulation, each type with its own advantages:

  1. Open Cell
  2. Closed Cell

Icynene insulates and air-seals in one step to control unwanted random air leakage – which traditional cellulose and fiberglass insulation can’t do without the use of extra sealing materials. Traditional insulations can also leave gaps and seams around electrical boxes or light fixtures (compromising performance), but Icynene fits perfectly around all detailing for a complete air-seal. The result is a more energy efficient home.

Each of our expanding foam products have different benefits: 

Closed-Cell Foam

Open-Cell Foam


Built tough, this rigid spray foam performs brilliantly in flood-prone areas since it can reject bulk water. Closed-cell foam can be used effectively in both interior and exterior applications.

Consistently outperforming traditional insulation types like fiberglass, this spongy foam provides high performance thermal insulation and air sealing. Open-cell foam products can also provide a sound barrier. Plus this type of spray foam allows leaks to drain through, letting you identify leaks sooner for repair.


Depending on your unique scenario, there is a spray foam product that's right for your home. Your local Icynene Contractor can help you determine which of our insulations will be best for your needs.