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Make your house a comfortable home.

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You want the best for your home. To make it comfortable, you choose the right colours, the right furniture, and the right insulation. ICYNENE spray foam insulation helps to control random air leakage, moisture problems and noise. This creates a more comfortable home with fewer issues, lower operating costs and increased resale value.

Reduce air leakage to eliminate cold or hot spots.

A soft spray foam insulation like Icynene expands when applied to fill gaps and stick to surrounding materials. It won't shrink or settle over time, so it’s perfect for insulating your home or just problem areas like:

  • Rooms over garages
  • Between a crawlspace and first floor
  • Where floor joists meet the foundation
  • In vaulted or dome-shaped ceilings.

Though you can’t see it, when you choose the right insulation in addition to your countertops and paint colors, you are providing comfort for you and your family.

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Ask about Icynene spray foam insulation when you’re picking out all the right things to turn your house into a home.

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