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3 quick renovation tips for fall preparedness

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3 quick renovation tips for fall preparedness

Winter is coming, but before the snow starts to fall, autumn is in the air with plenty of seasonal challenges of its own. Everything from damp days and colder nights to windstorms and nesting animals, all of them can have a significant impact on your home.

Instead of risking comfort and durability or leaving it to chance, it's important for homeowners to consider the best ways to prepare for fall. Here are three ideal ways to fix up three different aspects of a house. Increasing protection and durability before negative aspects can take their toll is ideal for generating a happy, healthy and well performing house.

Managing the roof
Wind and trees make a deadly combination for shingles and roofs. Especially in the autumn season, changing weather and shifting cold fronts can cause gales and gusts that throw branches or tear the tops off of buildings.

Worse than that, heavy rains may find cracks and crevices that winds have caused and allow water to get inside. The chilly fall nights, particularly in the northern states, that follow could potentially cause freezing and expansion of water, thereby weakening and damaging the roof to a huge degree.

It's important to install Icynene spray foam insulation all throughout a house to help avoid these kinds of problems. In particular, the attic and the eaves of a building are most important for blocking roof damage. These areas can also be prone to wild animal infestations, as these creatures look for places to hunker down for the winter. Icynene spray foam is not considered a food source making it a deterrent for nesting, so it's a wise investment to protect your attic and home interior from unwanted residents by adding a layer of this insulation.

Stopping up bathrooms
Though the roof isn't an ideal place to have water moving around, there are some rooms where it's necessary. As the threat of freezing pipes draws nearer with winter on the horizon, it's important that homeowners think about where water is needed in a house and how best to protect it from outside elements.

Reading Eagle stated that reinforcing the bathroom is a great place to start. Tempered glass can help manage heat and reduce moisture, especially on mirrors and windows, around the tub or in additional elements in the room that add esthetic appeal.

What's more, there are some parts of the country where it's mandatory for tempered glass to be present in the bathroom. When attempting a renovation or upgrade in this area of the house, it's important to check these requirements before buying certain products. Adding Icynene spray foam insulation around pipes and piping fixtures is a perfect opportunity in the fall to check on the status of these compliance demands.

Aesthetic elements
The inside of a house should be warm and comfortable, with homeowners typically adding fall decorations to denote the change in season. While adding these fall decorations adds a festive touch, it's wise to ensure your home is reinforced with spray foam insulation for comfort and well-being. A proper application of insulation throughout the house has a strong impact on how comfortable a building can be throughout the fall and into the winter. Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor today about what parts of your home are in need of reinforcement, whether it be against wind and storms or ice and water. This will help cut heating and cooling bills, giving people more money to spend on fall decor and seasonal activities.

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