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3 Ways to a Healthier Home

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3 Ways to a Healthier Home

Spray foam insulation can help create a more enjoyable home for you and your family. Whether it’s a new addition, an older home, or the new home you’re currently building, here are three ways that using Icynene spray foam insulation can help you achieve an improved home environment:

Reduce Air Leaks, Reduce Airborne Irritants
Spray foam insulation, due to the way that it is applied and the fact that it expands within seconds of application, fills in the tiny cracks that are often found in the building structure of a house.1 These spaces may appear too small to be significant, but if you were to put them all together, they about the size of a basketball. Pollen, dust and other airborne irritants can make their way into the home through these holes, causing allergy sufferers more problems. Spray foam insulation helps to minimize these irritants from getting in.

Environmentally sensitive materials
Icynene insulation uses 100% water-blown technology, which has a Global Warming Potential rating of 1. This is the lowest rating possible on any spray foam insulation, so you can rest assured that the insulation you’re using will have a minimal impact on the environment. In addition, materials used by Icynene have been classified as Low-Emitting Materials, so you can feel confident that your insulation is contributing to a better indoor environment.

Reduce the Chance of Mold or Mildew Developing
Moisture-laden air can enter the home through various holes your home’s structure, and also through more permeable types of traditional insulation. By using residential foam insulation like Icynene, you will help to improve your indoor air by sealing out airborne moisture that can cause mold and mildew to grow in your home.

Contact your local spray foam insulation contractor to find out what you need to do, to make your home a healthier place to live.


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