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3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Now that spring has arrived on the calendar, it seems like the weather is starting to catch up as well. What does that mean for homeowners? It means looking at your home and its surroundings with a more critical eye than you did throughout the winter. After all, the sun is shining more brightly, the days are longer, and the snow has melted, exposing all of the areas possibly requiring your attention.

Things you can do around the house to get ready for Spring:

  1. Sweep away all of the old salt or ice melt pellets that may have accumulated on your sidewalk or driveway. Try to aim for the street, since a street cleaner will likely come by in the next month or so to wash the streets.
  2. If your home had any ice dams over the winter, make sure to have a professional check your roof for damage. Now may be the time to work on reducing your home’s air loss via the attic and roof, by replacing your current insulation with spray foam insulation such as Icynene.
  3. Check your basement for any water damage near windows, and consider replacing your basement’s insulation with a closed cell spray foam insulation which is recognized by FEMA as a flood resistant material. Icynene has a portfolio of closed-cell spray foam insulation that your local spray foam insulation contractor can recommend.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more about how to prepare your home for spring, and to answer the question, “Where can I buy spray foam insulation near me?”

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