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4 ways Icynene improves attic performance

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4 ways Icynene improves attic performance

The uppermost level of a home is often not an area that homeowners think of at first. Even if this space isn't a habitable area in a building, it still serves as an important factor in regards to your home's heating and cooling. As weather changes and temperatures fluctuate, there's a lot to be gained by installing Icynene spray foam insulation in your attic.

Of course, saving money isn't limited to regular heating and cooling bills, though this is a major area in which Icynene is quite helpful. There are four major ways in which residents can put more cash in their pockets by thinking of Icynene investments in different time increments. Here's how to break it down:

There are a couple of things that homeowners should expect to see immediately following the addition of Icynene. These include:

  • Leaks and drafts are gone - Spray foam insulation creates an air barrier throughout a home, a quality that's especially important in the attic. WDRB News stated that it's common to find leaks and cracks in the seal of a house near doors and windows, but these same kinds of problems can easily exist near the roof line and rafters as well. As soon as Icynene is installed, the air leakage due to these cracks disappears.
  • Deterring pests - The winter time is particularly hard on attics, as any crack or hole could invite wild animals to turn these areas into nests. The presence of any foreign invaders is easy to detect during a renovation, and once Icynene is in place, these creatures are deterred from nesting since Icynene is not considered a food source.

There are also some long-term advantages that Icynene spray foam insulation additions in the attic homeowners can benefit from. Proving the effectiveness of this insulation product over months and years helps reinforce the return on investment it represents. Here are a couple of ways that Icynene pays off over the long term:

  • Lower utility bills - Maple Ridge News stated that keeping the heat in and the cold out is particularly important in the winter. The inverse is equally essential in the summer. Attic insulation from Icynene prevents loss from the uppermost area of a house, which the source claimed can generate about 40 percent of home heating and cooling bills. By eliminating such a substantial source of efficiency issues, spray foam easily can pay for itself over time.
  • Improved durability - By sealing all the cracks and blocking out the elements, Icynene spray foam insulation helps improve the longevity of a structure. That's because it stops leaks, prevents wind damage, increases heating and cooling effectiveness and allows for easy pest control. All of these factors help enhance the chance of a home lasting much longer, as there are fewer issues that could cause harm to its infrastructure.

Whether residents are looking for immediate results or anticipate returns on investment in the future, improving attic insulation with Icynene spray foam is an ideal way of getting more out of a home for every dollar spent. Creating an air seal reduces regular heating and cooling bills, as well as promoting a safer, cleaner living environment for all residents. What's more, enhancing the durability of a building can add to the overall value of the structure, further increasing the investment qualities of Icynene spray foam insulation.

Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor today about how putting this product in your attic can generate more value and comfort in your home.

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