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6 Places In Your Home That Can Benefit From Spray Foam Insulation

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6 Places In Your Home That Can Benefit From Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

6 Places In Your Home That Can Benefit From Spray Foam Insulation

When you’re considering what kind of insulation to use in your home, whether it’s to replace existing insulation, or to insulate  a newly-built home, it’s possible you may not realize how many areas inside your home can benefit from a superior insulation product. In fact, you may not even realize that some parts of your home can benefit, specifically, from spray foam insulation like Icynene. So, in case you’re wondering where to use spray foam insulation, here are six places in your home that can benefit from Icynene spray foam insulation:

The Basement

If there’s one place in your home that can benefit from all of the features that Icynene spray foam insulation offers, the basement is it. If your basement brings to mind the need for cozy blankets, slippers, and a mug of hot tea, chances are it’s not as well insulated as it could be. If you’ve experienced any type of flooding, your basement’s insulation could also likely use an upgrade. 

Icynene spray foam has the ability to create an air barrier wherever it is applied, helping reduce the risk of drafts occurring. In addition, closed cell spray foam insulation has been identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a flood-resistant material, making it ideal for homes where there is significant rainfall or snow, as well as hurricane-prone regions.

Cathedral Ceilings

One of the most beautiful architectural devices used to make a home look larger is also one of the most challenging areas to properly install insulation. Cathedral ceilings can be hard to fit traditional insulation into, due to the sharp angles, which create small spaces that are harder to fill. Spray foam insulation, such as Icynene, can do a better job at insulating this type of ceiling due to its ability to expand to 100 times its original size, wherever it is applied, filling tiny spaces that might not have been reached otherwise.

Entertainment, or Media, Rooms

When you decide to dedicate a room in your home to only the “loud stuff,” one of the most important choices you can make is how to insulate that room. Whether that’s the room for video games that your kids play, a home theatre for you and your partner to watch movies in, or a practice room for whatever musical instruments your family may play, making sure the sound stays in that room, and doesn’t travel to every other room in the house, is key to making your home enjoyable for everyone living there.

Icynene open cell spray foam insulation is a great choice for insulating entertainment rooms, because of its ability to dampen airborne sound transmission. By doing this, it will allow your partner to continue reading their book in another part of the house, while you enjoy your favorite action flick.I It can even help prevent you and your partner from needing earplugs, when your teenager uses the room for band practice.

The Attic

Regardless of whether your attic is vented or unvented, it’s important for this part of your home to be well-insulated for many reasons. First of all, if you live in a cold climate, a home that leaks conditioned air into the attic is at risk of developing ice dams, in the winter months. Ice dams can not only be dangerous for your family, they can potentially cause flooding and water damage to your home. The air barrier that Icynene spray foam insulation creates, where it is applied, can help reduce this risk by keeping the conditioned air of your home where it belongs: inside your home.

In addition, Icynene spray foam is ideal in hurricane-prone regions not only for the basement, but for  the attic as well, where roof  uplift is a serious concern. This is thanks to its ability to reject bulk water, as well as adding structural integrity to the roof of a home.

The Crawlspace

An area of the home which sometimes gets overlooked is one that can most definitely benefit from being insulated with spray foam, is the crawlspace. Something that you may not realize is that even cement can allow moisture through, and moisture buildup in the space where your heating and cooling system resides is potentially hazardous to you and your family’s health. In this way, insulating your crawlspace with spray foam insulation, like Icynene, can help to maintain the quality of the air inside your home.

The New Addition

Sometimes, when you’re having a new room built, or an old space converted, the insulation can be overlooked. What sometimes results is a room that isn’t used as much as it was intended, due to it being overly drafty or hot, depending on the season. Choosing a spray foam insulation that creates an effective air barrier, such as Icynene, can help maintain temperatures in your new space, keeping them consistent with the rest of your home. 

In the end, your home may not have some of these issues to address at all (not everyone has cathedral ceilings), but that doesn’t mean there’s no benefit to choosing Icynene spray foam insulation. For instance, the money that can be saved on monthly heating and cooling bills, due to the air barrier that’s created wherever Icynene is applied, can make the investment worthwhile. In addition, the fact that only a licensed Icynene contractor can install your Icynene spray foam insulation means that you can expect an effective and professional installation of your new spray foam insulation.

Find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to discover more reasons to choose Icynene.

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