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Add Icynene spray foam for better sound attenuation

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Add Icynene spray foam for better sound attenuation

There are a variety of benefits for residents that add Icynene spray foam insulation throughout their homes, some of which are more apparent than others. While it's easy to save up to 50 percent on heating and cooling bills^ through the addition of Icynene, homeowners may not realize there are benefits beyond the financial perks.

Considering the ubiquity of Icynene upgrades, there are certain areas in a home that people should target when looking to increase the level of comfort they want to experience every day. Here are some of the best ones that residents may not think of.

Home office
Working from home is an increasingly popular strategy for professionals in a number of industries. Conducting regular job tasks, holding conference calls and focusing on important projects for hours at a time requires an uninterrupted landscape where outside distractions are muted. The Calgary Sun pointed out that using the proper insulation throughout these spaces helps improve the level of professionalism and reduces background noise. This allows people to get their work done in a faster, more efficient manner.

Entertainment room
Creating a space for entertaining family, friends or just yourself is important for enjoying the value of a home. However, it's important that the sound in this space doesn't intrude on the activities of others in the home. Simultaneously, people in the entertainment room don't want noise from outside that area. The Edmonton Journal wrote that it's important to add the proper insulation to these spaces to assist with this kind of noise control.

Ensuring privacy and modesty are essential factors in creating a pleasant bathroom space. The Daily Herald wrote that there's more than just sound filtering and noise cancelation that's necessary in a bathroom setting, though these are both important aspects of making a bathroom comfortable. Specifically, the moisture created in this room can easily invade the ceilings, walls and floor of the space, causing damage to these structures. Icynene spray foam insulation removes that risk by blocking water from sinks, toilets and tubs if it tries to soak into the building.

Talk to a certified Icynene contractor today to see what rooms in your home could use a spray foam insulation overhaul. Saving money is a primary benefit of this kind of upgrade, but there are many other positive points that an expert can help you identify.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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