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Audit your home for insulating effectiveness

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Audit your home for insulating effectiveness

Every autumn, homeowners start taking steps to protect their homes from icy winds and freezing conditions. Conducting an at-home energy audit is a quick and easy way to ensure that everything is in order before winter arrives. Here are three quick steps that help with this process and allow people to know whether they need to consider replace their existing insulation with Icynene spray foam:

  1. Conduct a blower door (airflow) test to see how currents move in a house. The Illinois Times wrote that this involves closing all the doors and windows tight, then using a smoke pencil or vacuum to try and move air through the building. A well-sealed house should have no leaks.
  2. Clean out all the filters and HVAC devices in the house. Daily Finance stated that it's an easy fix for efficiency and heating and cooling bills to wipe out filters and change disposable furnace screens.
  3. Call a professional for an insulation assessment. Icynene spray foam specialists are able to conduct a walk-through of a home and find places where leaks, gaps and other issues may be present. Having an experienced insulation professional identify these problems can expedite essential fixes before the snow starts to fall.
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