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Avoiding costly mold issues with Icynene

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Avoiding costly mold issues with Icynene

There are a number of ways that mold can form inside the walls of a home. Excess moisture can seep in from the outside or can build up directly in the wall itself. Taking the right precautions to block this kind of accretion requires considering spray foam insulation from Icynene, one of the best tools for avoiding the accumulation of harmful mold spores in homes of all kinds.

According to Construction Week Online, one of the biggest culprits of interior mold generation is gaps around ductwork. With traditional insulation products, there may not be a tight seal around every pipe or air duct. Each time these structures are heated or cooled in a way that contradicts the air temperature in the wall around them, it causes moisture to collect on the metal surface of the conduit. This can eventually lead to mold around HVAC units and along the sides of pipes that can infest an entire wall, or even a whole home if left unchecked for long enough. The other most common cause of dampness in walls and ruining homes is from rain and groundwater, which can seep into houses that lack the right seals and insulation. These can cause more aggressive damage than condensation and requires immediate attention.

Working with experts
The source stated that it's best to always work with a certified insulation specialist, since not everyone who works on houses will have the necessary expertise and insight to provide the best tools or services. A certified Icynene contractor can walk a homeowner through the removal of old, moldy insulation and instruct them on how spray foam will be used to replace these features. These specialists will then install this product in a way that fills every nook and cranny in a wall, blocking out moisture from both within and outside the home.

Mold isn't just a problem for maintaining the structural integrity of a house and its HVAC system. It can cause serious health problems, especially in children or people with weakened physical states. Because people spend most of their lives at home, it's essential that the air in this space be clean and breathable. Icynene supports that desire by creating an airtight seal all throughout a home, reducing the chance for harmful airborne toxins to slip in from the outside or pollution to ruin the air quality of a house. Mold and mildew can pose similar problems, so by adding Icynene to a house, owners can reduce concerns regarding the health of their children and loved ones.

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