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Benefits of Icynene help homeowners improve attics

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Benefits of Icynene help homeowners improve attics

When it comes to insulating a home, it's important to go to the source for removing issues with home heating and cooling management. These areas can be key factors in reducing heating and cooling bills, but there are other aspects of these regions in a home that can help improve the overall health of residents and quality of a building. Adding appropriate amounts of spray foam insulation in the right spots can help show off the best benefits of home insulation improvement.

Looking for leaks
There are several areas of a home that are prone to leaking air and permitting moisture accumulation, so honing in on these places first is the best tactic. Building expert suggest that the attic is the number one spot to look for these issues. By patching up these holes, residents can expect to cut about half off their regular heating and cooling bills.

Part of the reason why upgrades in this part of the house are so successful in reducing costs is that traditional materials are prone to damage from external forces. Moisture from rain, snow and ice can break down substances like fiberglass or natural materials used for insulation. Animals like rodents, birds and insects burrow into these regions and eat or live in these areas. What's more, the natural progression of time could cause sheets of traditional insulation to slouch and open up air pockets in walls. This makes it easier for other malignant factors to seep into a home, creating more negative fallout in the upper regions of a home as time passes.

Tracking airflow
People spend about 90 percent of their lives in their homes. That's why it's so important to check attics for insulation issues. When animals get in, they easily introduce filth and allergens. Moisture accumulation encourages mold and mildew generation, furthering the negative impacts on resident health. Because these areas are the highest in the house, it's important for residents to be aware that poor performance in the attic can have bad feedback throughout the rest of a house.

It's easy to see if these kinds of issues exist in an attic or throughout a home. Simply look for areas of the house that are colder than others or monitor the activity of a thermostat. If there's constantly a draft or changes in heating and cooling are frequently necessary to maintain comfortable levels, it's likely that there's an insulation issue somewhere that needs to be repaired.

Talk to an expert
While detecting issues may be a simple matter, a certified Icynene insulation specialist is the best resource for finding all the problems and determining the best course of action for remedying them. Having a full inspection of a house carried out by such an expert can help take care of all the issues at once, ensuring that the return on investment for spray foam insulation is even greater.

Icynene is great for attic applications because it goes on as a liquid, covering every crack and crevice as it generates a solid seal wherever it's applied. This material is impervious to moisture and repels animal and insect infestations. It also doesn't slouch or break down over time, ensuring great air quality as well as heating and cooling management for years to come. Icynene spray foam insulation allows residents to improve their air quality and enhance overall quality of life in a building where these materials are applied, so talk to a certified Icynene expert today about how your attic can be enhanced through targeted installation.

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