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Bill could help put Icynene in more homes

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Bill could help put Icynene in more homes

Getting the best return on investment is critical for construction firms. As market indicators continue to fluctuate and home sales dip and rise, companies need to know that they can count on the structures they create to get sold quickly so that they can afford to move on to new projects. One of the best ways to do this is by partnering with a certified Icynene insulation contractor. This individual can give any building firm essential insight into how to better engineer homes to be energy efficient, making them more appealing to buyers. What's more, using heating and cooling materials that improve overall energy use could soon be a major tax write-off for homeowners.

Learning to be efficient
Such a bill is currently before the Senate, as the New York Times reported. This motion would make energy smart homes available for larger mortgages so that these houses would be easier to purchase and more reasonable to pay off. With more time and flexibility in a mortgage option, potential buyers may be more likely to purchase houses that feature better insulation, superior doors, top-rated windows and a variety of other weatherization and green construction features.

Though these kinds of buildings cost more to erect and are more expensive on the overall housing market scale, it makes sense to put up these kinds of houses. As the New York Times wrote, tax cuts and better financing options will make homes with better heating and cooling options far more desirable to potential buyers. Instead of investing in houses that will cost them more over time, these structures guarantee ongoing returns in the form of cost savings, increased enjoyment of the space and ease of maintenance compared to homes using older or less efficient building materials.

The source stated that a large part of the push for this new legislation comes from Senator Michael Bennet. His office conducted a study of home energy usage and found that, by allowing citizens easier access to energy smart housing, people could actually save money while paying off their loans. The research Bennet's team conducted showed that, over the course of a standard 30-year mortgage, homeowners paid about $70,000 in overall utilities. By offering the same terms on houses with heating and cooling superiority, owners would likely pay less toward their regular energy bills and instead be able to apply those funds to their mortgage payments. This in turn would help more people remain solvent and pay off their homes more quickly, a positive situation for both potential buyers and the entire housing industry.

The benefit of expertise
Construction firms that partner with Icynene spray foam insulation contractors can help add to this momentum toward smarter and more efficient housing. With Icy​nene, problems like heating and cooling are minimized. This product takes a current standard heating and cooling bill and can cut it by as much as 50 percent^, allowing residents to focus their extra money on mortgage and loan payments. On top of that, spray foam insulation makes a house more comfortable than a traditional fiberglass application, meaning that homeowners will enjoy their investment much more and carry a positive impression of their housing solutions.

Icynene contractors bring years of experience and information about how to make homes more efficient, including installing the right HVAC resources to ensure proper energy usage. Instead of installing oversized air conditioners or water heaters, Icynene specialists make sure that every house they work on is the most well-appointed as it possibly can be in terms of heating, cooling and overall comfort.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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