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Colorado homes can increase HERS rating with Icynene

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Colorado homes can increase HERS rating with Icynene

Adding spray foam insulation to a structure can help improve its overall heating and cooling management capabilities. This is an important asset for owners striving to improve their buildings' Home Energy Rating System (HERS) ranking, an asset that can help boost home values while offering more cost savings and tax benefits to homeowners. As more states acknowledge the HERS system, it's important for owners and buyers to understand how this system works, and how spray foam insulation can help increase this evaluation ranking. Buying and maintaining a new home can be a risky venture, but not when relying on tools like Icynene spray foam insulation and relying on information from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The HERS ranking system
The HERS Index helps rank houses based on how well they perform in terms of internal climate management. The Residential Services Network describes the HERS rating test as a series of reviews regarding how well the home is insulated, the volume and number of air leaks and issues with combustion safety. The source stated that the HERS index also looks for structures within the home that could make it less energy efficient, such as unconditioned floor spaces, attic and foundation protection, the type of windows installed and the way thermostats operate.

Using spray foam from Icynene, insulation problems are minimized substantially. This kind of insulation helps reduce air leaks and cuts heating and cooling bills by up to 50 percent^ by sealing cracks around floors, windows and other areas that might make it difficult to maintain internal climate control. A higher HERS ranking means that a home is far more efficient and will cost an owner far less than an uninsulated home would. The lower the HERS Index Score, the better the efficiency and the cheaper it is to maintain, Residential Services Network stated. Aiming for optimal scores and increasing visibility of homes like this on the market will help buyers find the kinds of homes they want to invest in.

Putting spray foam to work
Families in Colorado can now enjoy HERS Index benefits thanks to recent changes in its multiple listing service, Anchorage Daily News reported. This will make it easier for buyers to locate homes in the state with HERS certification, an added bonus to those who integrate spray foam insulation into their building plans. By gaining a HERS index rating, Colorado homeowners can get even more advertising for their houses than simply putting them on the open market. With finances still a critical part of many people's judgments regarding what home to buy, acquiring a house that's guaranteed to cost less to maintain is a desirable option for many people. Finding these structures, though, can be somewhat difficult. The HERS system makes that a much easier task to complete, and with additional integration into Colorado's realtor search index on different levels specifically targeting energy efficient homes, people in that state can expect more featuring of spray foam insulated homes with better heating and cooling capabilities.

Icynene products are known for helping people get better resale for their houses. By adding HERS ratings and other in-state search opportunities, Colorado residents who choose to use Icynene can see even better values for their houses when they go to sell them. People want to buy houses that have good energy ratings because they want to save money in a variety of areas. Homes with Icynene are more likely to get higher offers than those lacking spray foam insulation, since these assets offer owners lower utilities payments and higher tax credits.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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